What to expect at NIRS?

INDIA RETAIL FORUM (IRF) is India’s largest and most innovation-driven industry knolwedge sharing platform made possible with the entire retail fraternity’s support and patronage ever since its inception in 2005.

IRF now launches North India Retail Summit (NIRS), with the objectiove of highlighting the achievements, challenges and future prospects of a region that is largely recognised as the birthplace of modern retail in India.

NIRS will serve the entire retail industry’s agenda in catalyzing the profitable growth of modern retail by getting together business leaders and retail pioneers from the region and across the country, to share knowledge, discuss key consumption trends, incubate new retail concepts, and celebrate exceptional achievements in the industry.

Expect the most enlightening conference sessions carefully planned to cover the most pertinent aspects of the retail and retail and shopping center industries.

Expect to create new business alliances across the retail value chain as the majority of attendees belong to senior management hierarchy.

Expect an environment conducive to forge business partnerships as the participants list boasts of delegates, speakers and exhibitors from national and regional retail giants.

Join the celebrations as Indian retail industry recognise outstanding achievements of North India’s retail movers and shakers at the IMAGES North India Retail Awards ceremony.